MAY ALLAH Bless her soul in Jannat ul Firdaus (Ameen)


25/ 9 / 2014 --- Col Khalid Bashir
Certain responsibility are given to following peoples to furnish certain details required by Head office which despite repeated verbal / Telecommunication have not been done so for names are mentioned below with job responsibility in front. These persons will not proceed on Eid leave if details are not furnished by 28th September 2014. 1- Pending Details (Admin Head) 2- Bio Deta Forms (Admin Head)

10/ 7 / 2014 --- Meeting On 11 July 2014
A meeting will be held at Head Office Islamabad on above mentioned date at 1400 hrs. Only technical and admin head will attend the meeting.

5/ 7 / 2014 --- Col Khalid Bashir
For Info of All 1- Mr. Rasheed Ahmed Mirza chairman of Adeel and Sharifain Associates decided in a meeting held at Islamabad Office on 4 July 2014 that in future he will spend two days per week i.e Wed and Thursday at Islamabad. During these two days he will attend meetings and visits different sites to see the ongoing works. His visit will definitely have positive impact on overall working of two companies. 2- Mr. Rasheed Ahmed Mirza chairman of Adeel and Sharifain Associates decided to handover the overall Owner Ship/ Proparitor Ship of Adeel Associates to Mr. Adeel Ahmed Mirza. In this new setup chairman ship of both companies i.e Adeel and Sharifain Associates will remain with Mr. Rasheed Ahmed Mirza

28/ 6 / 2014 --- For Information/Necessary Action
Response on different info asked by head office is very poor. e.g certain information regarding different CAs was asked on 20 June 2014. A format was also forwarded. This info was required to reach on 25 June 2014 but the same has still not reached. You are requested to take serious note of head office instructions.

21/ 6 / 2014 --- General Information
Quick response from all site is appreciated. You know main office is being established to improve the working environment of all sites/ offices. Once fully establish will certainly have more convenience to all. Your cooperation in this regard will help us in meeting your requirements quickly. Any question/ suggestion can be discussed on telephone.

19/ 6 / 2014 --- Col. Khalid Bashir
Office Order # 1 Following has been decided for immediate implementation:- 1- In future pending cases from all sites will be received daily by 1700 hrs. Any case received after 1700 hrs will be considered on next day. 2- It is observed that Demand/Book # mentioned on bills are mostly wrong which creates problem at head office for approving the cases. This should be handled carefully in future.

19/ 6 / 2014 --- Col. Khalid Bashir
Attention Please: It is observed that site offices are being use for rest or sleeping purpose which is against the rules of office routine. In future offices should only be used for office working and rest ares/ rooms may be used for sleeping purposes.

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